Discipleship at Freshwater

Freshwater Staff   -  

What does it look like to follow Jesus in our modern age? It looks a lot like what it meant to follow Jesus during the three years of his ministry.

Our vision as a church is to see disciples making disciples who bring transformation to the world through the presence and power of God. But we can’t make disciples if we aren’t disciples ourselves.

So, what is a disciple?

We spent six weeks exploring that very question during our sermon series, “A New Way of Living.” Throughout Scripture, and particularly in the four gospel accounts of Jesus’ life, we see a pattern of discipleship that follows along these pathways:

  1. Be with Jesus
  2. Be Transformed
  3. Be with People
  4. Be on Mission

These are the four core values of discipleship at Freshwater. It’s what being a disciple – or an apprentice – of Jesus looked like in ancient Israel, and it’s what following Jesus should look like for us as modern-day disciples.

Pastor Jake opened our sermon series with an encouragement: As followers of Jesus, there is a practical way of life that can fill our souls, a pathway to experience goodness and abundance.

We spent the next four weeks exploring each of our four core values before wrapping up with a challenge, a challenge posed as a question from Jesus: “Why are you following me?”

You can review each of these six messages at the links below. The corresponding blog posts include summaries of each message along with five reflection questions and sermon replay videos.