Be on Mission

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In a world that celebrates productivity and achievement, it’s easy for us even in the Church to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of doing. We admire those who seem to accomplish the impossible, but as followers of Jesus, we’re called to a different kind of mission, one that goes beyond mere human effort.

Last Sunday, Pastor Jake continued our series on “A New Way of Living” by exploring our fourth and final core value of discipleship:

  1. Be with Jesus
  2. Be Transformed
  3. Be with People
  4. Be on Mission

In Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus commissions us to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Being on mission is something we are all supposed to be doing.

This is a significant mission, one that demands action. Yet, despite our culture of busyness and accomplishment, the Church in the West often struggles to fulfill this call effectively.

Could it be that we’ve been approaching this God-sized mission with a human mindset? Instead of relying solely on our willpower and efforts, Jesus invites us into a different way of doing mission.

1. We must learn to do from a place of being: We’re called to spread God’s love and truth throughout the world, but only when we stay connected to the source. Before we can do anything for God, we must first learn to be with Him, cultivating intimacy and dependence on His power.

2. We must learn to do from a place of filling: The Holy Spirit empowers us for the mission. We cannot rely on our own strength but must seek to be filled with the Spirit daily, allowing Him to guide and empower us. Our effectiveness in the mission comes from the filling of the Spirit.

3. We must learn to do from a place of hearing: If we want to accomplish the Kingdom mission, we must hear from God and do what He has told us to do. Our doing must flow from a place of intimacy with Him, where we’re attuned to His heart and direction.

As we walk in the way of Jesus, our primary mission is simply to point others to Him. Like the Samaritan woman at the well, let’s invite others to come and see the one who has transformed our lives. In doing so, we participate in God’s kingdom work, bearing witness to His love and redemption.

Reflection Questions
  1. In what ways does the cultural emphasis on accomplishment and productivity affect your daily life? How does it affect your walk with Jesus?
  2. Reflect on the command of Jesus in Matthew 28 to make disciples of all nations. How does this command align with your current list of priorities? Do you feel you have time to make disciples?
  3. Consider the three reorientations that Jake proposed: doing from a place of being, filling, and hearing. Which of these reorientations do you find most challenging or convicting in your own spiritual journey?
  4. Reflect on a time when you felt a sense of God’s leading or assignment in your life. How did you recognize it, and how did you respond?
  5. How can you prioritize spending time with Jesus in your daily life before engaging in any tasks or ministries?
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