Be Transformed

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What does it mean to follow Jesus in our modern age? That’s the question we’re exploring in our series, “A New Way of Living.”

Pastor Jake explored our second core value of discipleship at Freshwater last Sunday with a deep dive into transformation.

  1. Be with Jesus
  2. Be Transformed
  3. Be with People
  4. Be on Mission

Why do we still sin? Why do we struggle to do good? Sin is a pervasive influence that ultimately deforms our souls, whether it’s sins done by us, sins done to us, or sins done around us.

Maybe you’ve moved down the road in your transformation, but at some point, you hit a wall that you were unwilling or unable to move through, and because of that, your spiritual growth has stalled or even regressed.

A death. A job loss. A wound so deep that it feels like it’ll never fully heal.

Rather than turning from the wall, God desires to take us through it to what he has waiting for us on the other side. Rather than sitting in the sins we’ve done or the sins done to us, he wants to bring deep, lasting healing.

There is hope through Jesus Christ, the ultimate transformer. Our souls can be made new and we can be sanctified – a lifelong process that hinges on our commitment to being with Jesus (core value #1), abiding in Christ as the branches in the True Vine (John 15).

That’s where true transformation happens – in a deep, abiding relationship with Christ, one in which we encounter Jesus face to face, we renew our minds with Scripture, and we submit to the Holy Spirit.

Reflection Questions
  1. Reflect on a time in your life when you felt the weight of brokenness or deformation in your soul. How did this experience shape your understanding of God’s desire for restoration?
  2. Pastor Jake identified three forces that deform our souls: sins done by us, sins done to us, and sins done around us. Take a moment to consider which of these forces has had the most significant impact on your life. How have these experiences influenced your relationship with God and others?
  3. In Romans 7, the Apostle Paul wrestles with the tension between desiring to do good and succumbing to sin. Can you relate to this struggle in your own life? How do you navigate the challenges of living out your faith while grappling with sin and brokenness?
  4. Transformation is described as a slow and progressive process of becoming more like Jesus. Consider areas of your life where you have experienced growth and change. What spiritual practices or habits have contributed to your transformation? How can you encourage others in their journey of discipleship?
  5. Pastor Jake discussed the importance of abiding in Christ, renewing our minds with truth, and submitting to the Holy Spirit for transformation. Which of these practices do you find most challenging or most impactful in your spiritual journey? How can you cultivate a deeper commitment to these disciplines?
Watch the Message
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