Kids Min security changes on October 22

Freshwater Staff   -  

Pastor Len and Nikki Madachik from our Family Ministry team announced some changes to Sunday morning security protocols last week. Here’s a quick rundown of three changes that will be implemented on October 22 to create an even safer environment for you and your kids at Freshwater.

1. Signed in but not sent

  • Sometimes, kids get signed in at the check-in area on a Sunday morning but then don’t actually make it to the classroom.
  • In those situations, our classroom teacher typically assumes that plans have changed and the family either had to leave that morning or the child decided to stay with his/her parents during service.
  • We need to eliminate this assumption for several safety reasons.
  • Going forward, if your child is checked in but they end up not coming to the classroom for any reason, we need you to come to the Kids Min area and notify someone from the team or the person who is overseeing the ministry that day. You could also text the number that will be posted on the door leading down the Kids Min hallway.

2. Dismissal from worship service

  • When we dismiss kids to class during service each Sunday, we will be requiring all children to come down front toward the platform and to exit out the doors to their right (stage left).
  • We realize that you may be sitting closer to another exit door, but we believe this is the safest plan for dismissal from the service for the following reasons:
  • It is more controlled.
  • It eliminates variables such as who is and isn’t in the foyer, what might be happening in the foyer, and a child going to the bathroom before heading to their classroom.
  • Also, it allows us to greet each child before they even get to their classroom, which is really important.

3. Locked doors in the Kids Min hallway

  • The security doors leading into the kids’ classrooms will be closed and locked once classes are in session.
  • If you need to come into that hallway while the doors are locked, you can text or call the number that will be posted on the door.
  • At that time, we will be able to communicate with you through the camera at the door and validate your need to enter. You will need to show us your child’s check-in number through the camera.

Again, these procedures will go into effect on Sunday, October 22.

Please remember there are important reasons for these changes, and it’s not that we are trying to make things difficult for you. We ask for grace for the Family Ministry staff and our incredible team that serves in the ministry.

We also want you to know this isn’t in response to anything specific. Instead, these changes resulted from stepping back with fresh eyes and finishing some initiatives that had already been started but not fully implemented.

Kids Min Fire Drill

Len and Nikki also announced that we will have a fire drill later this month:

  • This will be in the Kids Min area only, not the entire church.
  • The exact date will be sent home with your child.
  • On that Sunday, all kids will begin the morning in their classroom instead of starting in the worship service.

Thanks in advance for your grace and cooperation. If you have any questions, you can text the Kids Min team at 330.366.1453 or email You can also stop by the kids’ check-in area on a Sunday morning.

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