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The latest message of our series on Identity in Ephesians marked a shift from the indicative to the imperative – from understanding who we are in Christ in the first three chapters to how we should live out that identity, starting in chapter 4.

Pastor Sean compared Ephesians 4:17-5:21 to a musical composition by highlighting the deliberate structure of Paul’s writing throughout these verses, emphasizing the beauty and transformative power of Scripture.

Throughout these passages, Paul addresses issues such as anger, stealing, speech and association. How does our behavior and actions in these areas align with our identity as believers? As people who are filled with the Holy Spirit, are we exhibiting qualities like kindness, forgiveness and gratitude?

The message is clear: As followers of Christ, our lives should reflect His character and be marked by love, wisdom and discernment. While acknowledging the challenges and temptations we face, Sean encouraged us to live in obedience to God’s will, relying on His Spirit for strength and guidance.

This passage from Ephesians serves as a comprehensive guide for Christian living, urging us to walk in the light, pursue holiness, and exhibit Christlike character in all aspects of life. As we continue our journey of transformation, may we be reminded of the truth of God’s Word and empowered by His Spirit to live out our faith boldly and authentically.

Reflection Questions
  1. How do you approach Scripture in your life? Do you view it merely as a rulebook or cookbook for life, or do you seek to uncover its beauty and allow it to transform you?
  2. Consider the areas in your life where you struggle with anger. How can you respond to feelings of anger in a way that aligns with Christ’s teachings and reflects the new self created in His likeness?
  3. Consider your prayer life. Are you intentional about setting aside time to commune with God regularly? How can you deepen your connection with Him through prayer and listening for His guidance?
  4. How do you guard yourself against influences that may lead you away from Christ-likeness? Are there relationships or habits you need to reconsider in order to stay aligned with God’s will and the transformation He desires for you?
  5. In what ways do you actively seek to grow spiritually and deepen your understanding of God’s Word? Are there specific practices or disciplines you can incorporate into your life to nurture spiritual growth and maturity?
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