An update (and dairy challenge!) from the Hacketts

Freshwater Staff   -  

In 2023, Daniel and Katie Hackett, along with their three children, answered the Lord’s call on their family to teach and serve the people of Mongolia. Below is the most recent update from the Hacketts, including a video (with the results of their dairy challenge) at the bottom of the page.

We are about hallway into our first Mongolian winter, and have been learning a lot and adapting along the way. The kids completed their first semester at their private Mongolian school, while Daniel and Katie completed their 1st semester of Mongolian language. Daniel also completed his first semester as an English teacher at the International University of Ulaanbaatar.

Winter in any part of Mongolia is quite frigid, but as long as we layer up, we are still able to explore the city or play at the local park in all the snow! We find ourselves pretty tired by the end of the week when school is in session. Learning a new language, walking icy streets, and navigating a new culture is quite tiring, even after five months of being here.

We started our second semester at the end of January and look forward to getting through the rest of winter. Our language studies are going very well but making time to go out and use the language takes much intentionality and effort.

God has truly been faithful and we feel extremely blessed to be on this journey. Sometimes we get discouraged trying to learn a new language, but we are often reminded of his goodness. We are excited to see how God will show up this year and how we can look for even the smallest way to be salt and light.

Please be praying for our family:

  • For the kids to make friendships and for us to build stronger connections in our community
  • For protection from being discouraged in our language studies, and that we would be encouraged to overcome and put in the hard work and time needed
  • For our hearts and eyes be open as we seek future work opportunities
  • Watch their Video Update!