The Holy Spirit is at work

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Last Sunday, Pastor Jake continued our series on the Holy Spirit, and specifically looked at the works of the Spirit.

He said the evidence that someone is working is that we see a noticeable change. But when we look at the world, it often feels like a mess.

For some of us, it makes us wonder:

Is God working in our world?

And even more: Is God working in my life?

Is He accomplishing anything around me?

Jake encouraged us to see that, despite what often gets our attention in the world, the Spirit is actually carrying out the work of God all around us. If we want to know where God is working in the world, we need to look for where the Holy Spirit is at work.

Here are seven ways the Holy Spirit works in us and in our world, along with Scripture references you can dig into for each point.

1. The Holy Spirit provides guidance & wisdom (1 Corinthians 2:7-14, Romans 8:14)

The Spirit is sent to help us, to teach us what we don’t know, to guide us when we don’t know what to do.

But this rubs against our modern-day individualism. We think:

“I don’t need any help.”

“Why do I need to wait for the Spirit’s guidance?”

“I can figure this out on my own.”

“Let’s just act and move.”

How’s that going for you?

2. The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to the church (1 Corinthians 12)

God often manifests His power and His presence through your gifts. So, are you using yours? (Hear more about spiritual gifts and fruit here.)

3. The Holy Spirit intercedes for us before the Father (Romans 8:26-28)

The Spirit Himself is talking to the Father for you. Right now. This very moment.

So if you don’t know what to pray – or when you don’t know what to pray – it’s okay. The Holy Spirit is praying on your behalf as you try to pray.

4. The Holy Spirit regenerates our hearts & renews our minds (Titus 3:5)

We do not naturally desire God. But God reaches out through his Holy Spirit and works inside of every believer to bring us to want to know Him.

If you believe today, then God brought you to a place of faith and then you made the decision to place your faith in Him.

This is a miracle wrought by the Holy Spirit. So thank God for the miracle that he did in your life.

Many of us love someone who is far from the Lord. We’ve told them about Jesus. We’ve prayed for them. Maybe you’re ready to give up on them.

But the Holy Spirit still works miracles today, and He can regenerate their life. Don’t stop.

5. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin (John 16:8)

We can’t hide anything from the Lord. He looks at the heart.

You may hide it from your spouse. You may hide it from your friends. You may hide it from your kids. But you cannot hide anything from the Holy Spirit.

He exposes sin. He sees right into you – maybe even right now.

And if you’re feeling His conviction, that’s the work of the Holy Spirit. Don’t fight Him.

He is tender. His correction is not intended to take something from you. His correction brings you life.

6. The Holy Spirit sanctifies us (Galatians 5:16-18)

If you put your faith in Jesus, you were positionally sanctified at that moment. That means that God sees you as holy and righteous because of Jesus’ work (1 Corinthians 6:11).

So why can’t we stop sinning? Because, while we’re sanctified positionally, we are still BEING sanctified (1 Peter 1:2). The Holy Spirit is in the process of making you more holy in your actions, over the course of your life, amidst all of your mistakes and failures.

How? How can we become more like Jesus?

The only way to conquer the flesh is to yield to the Spirit (v16)

7. The Holy Spirit bears witness of Christ (John 15:26)

The Holy Spirit’s revelation of Jesus to us is actually a greater advantage than having walked on the earth with Jesus like the disciples.

He is the King of Glory.

He is the Lord.

He commands evil spirits.

He commands diseases.

He commands cancer.

He commands darkness and sin.

Jesus is the Lord.

And the Spirit gives us revelation of this.

But, as Jake shared at the beginning of his message, we can push away the works of the Spirit in our lives. Here are four common reasons we do this:

1. We fear counterfeits
2. We fear giving up control
3. We are consumed by busyness
4. We are confused about the Holy Spirit

Watch Jake’s message below to hear more about each of these reasons, and to learn more about the works of the Holy Spirit.

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