What motivates you?

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Some read Jesus’ words from the Sermon on the Mount and believe them to be a call to an impossible standard that leaves us with no choice but to trust in Christ. Clint Adams offered a different perspective last Sunday, encouraging us to look at the Sermon on the Mount as a guide to kingdom living.

It’s true – Jesus is the only way. But the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount are attainable by God’s grace.

As you read through these passages and meditate on Jesus’ words, consider if you can actually live out your identity – blessed, meek, pure in heart, salt, light. Can you walk in freedom from anger and lust when the world offers generous 24/7 buffets of both? Can you have a healthy marriage as divorce runs rampant? Will the depth of your integrity be such that your yes and your no are as good as a sworn promise? Will you turn the other cheek instead of returning the favor? Can your actions and words for Christ be so clear that enemies are identified, and yet deeply loved?

Is this all really possible? YES! It’s kingdom living!

Clint looked specifically at the topics Jesus taught on in Matthew 6:1-18: giving, praying and fasting. Throughout these verses, Jesus calls us to beware of – to pay attention to – our motives, to have a countercultural view of reward. He calls us to trust him to reward us in his perfect way. Jesus is the reward!

To close, Clint provided the following list of “motive checkers” (borrowed from GotQuestions.org) that can help us examine our hearts in all areas of our lives.

  • If no one ever knows what I am doing (giving, serving, sacrificing), would I still do it?
  • If there was no visible payoff for doing this, would I still do it?
  • Am I doing this for the praise of others or how it makes me feel?
  • Do I judge my success or failure based upon my faithfulness to what God has asked me to do, or how I compare with others?

What motivates you? Who are you trying to please with your actions?

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