Vision and Values

God continues to bless our church in incredible ways, with our average attendance increasing by about 10% annually since 2003. With more than 600 people coming through our doors each Sunday, we seek to provide an environment that encourages everyone to grow closer with God as they come into His presence every week.

The human race has forever been searching for the meaning of life.  As we read the Bible, it makes it clear that meaning and purpose is found in a radical shift where we are no longer the point but God is.  It leads us to conclude that true, meaning-filled, and lasting purpose is found by first LIVING UP and being connected to God, and second LIVING IN and being connected to His family, and third LIVING OUT and being connected His mission of loving this world.

Additionally, while we can’t hit every need or ministry we see, we sense the Lord is calling Freshwater to meet these specific ministries:

  1. Reach the unreached, meet the basic needs of the poor, speak into social injustice – holistic, cross-cultural compassion
  2. Minister to families, raising kids and marriages
  3. Concentrate on the spiritually & emotionally broken/deficient
  4. Serve the elderly and retired
  5. Build our capacity through leadership development


To see the Freshwater of God flow in us and overflow out into this world. Ezekiel 47 talks about God’s Fresh water (a metaphor of His presence) flowing in the temple and then overflowing into the desert places and the dead sea. Everywhere the freshwater flowed it brought life, healing, food, and transformation. This is the vision we believe God has given our church and it seems to be the story of our church as people come in and discover and experience God’s fresh water. We have found that once people get Ezekiel’s vision we don’t have to explain it, they can see it. A vision is worth 1,000 words.

“This water flows there and makes the salt water fresh; so where the river flows everything will live.”~Ezekiel 47:9


We believe worship is a never-ending lifestyle.
Prayer constitutes an intimate relationship with God and is the conscious discipline of seeking His heart prior to acting. It should define who we are and what we do. When we pray, God moves.
Through prayer we seek out and wait on the Holy Spirit to birth vision, guide, and empower actions in every believer and in all ministries of the Church.
We are fully committed to the Word of God as the foundation and final authority for life and ministry.
In the context of ministry we want to see people fulfilled and thriving rather than burned out and isolated.
We are called to authentic relationships where masks and deceptions are removed and we let people into our hearts, as well as pursue their hearts.
We are committed to ministering to a person’s spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.
We will look where God is moving locally, regionally, and globally and partner with other ministries by supporting them with our people, time, energy and resources.
We are committed to leading people to understand their identity and freedom in Christ through the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.
Freshwater Community Church
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