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Communications Director

Freshwater Church is looking for a Communications Director. Our desire is that you have a good understanding of Freshwater Community Church and our mission and vision. Please familiarize yourself with our Statement of Faith, Mission, Vision and Values, which can be found at this link. If Freshwater is a place you could wholeheartedly support with your time and energy, working here may be for you.


Time Commitment: Full time, exempt status

Brief Description of the position:

The Communications Director is responsible for overseeing and developing the strategic flow of information between Freshwater Community Church and its leadership teams, ministries, servants, attenders and the general public. This includes the development and implementation of creative communications vision, strategy and process across all Freshwater ministries. The Communications Director ensures that all messaging is timely and consistent with Freshwater Community Church’s philosophy of ministry.

See the full job description here.

In you are interested in pursuing this position, please submit a cover letter and resume to Sean Homan at

Freshwater Community Church
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