How is Your Soul Today?

Beth Falkenberg   -  

Pastor Scott’s message made me reflect on my own soul today. Am I owning it the way that I should?  Do I take responsibility for it or do I depend on the church and others in my life? I think we could all ask ourselves that question. So, let me ask you, how is your soul? Are you caring for it on a regular basis? Are you in God’s word in an effort to really know him and grow closer to him? Are you making time to just rest and and hear from him? Do your children see a life of faith and surrender to him?

Sometimes I think that it is easy to get complacent about our relationship with Christ. We tell ourselves that as long as we read our Bible, pray, and attend church, that we are good…that our souls are good. This is simply not true! The truth from Pastor Scott’s message resonated with me and I hope it did with you too. It takes so much more to be responsible for the care of our souls! We need to be in the word and spend time with God to hear him speak to us.

When I was young, I trusted Christ, but with a child like faith and trust. As a teenager, I realized that there was more that I needed to own about my faith, and that led me down a path of deepening my relationship with Christ. I loved to read the stories of children like Samuel, and King Josiah, who had people speaking into their lives about how to grow and serve Jesus. Both of these incredible young boys listened for God’s voice…took time to wait on him in solitude and surrender, and then followed God as he used them in remarkable ways for his glory! They were responsible for their souls! They owned it! They lived out their faith!

Do we model this lifestyle of faith for our children and grandchildren? Do we teach them about how to listen for God’s voice? Do we share the Bible stories of Samuel and King Josiah and let them see how God used them for his good work. Do we want the children we love and care for to have a faith that they own when they are still young? Encourage them in their faith and allow them to see your walk with God and pray that they will take responsibility for their own faith in God when they are young.

Let’s pray that God will put a longing in our hearts to care for our souls. Pray that God will raise up boys and girls at Freshwater, that seek after him alone! Pray that our children will live out their faith and change the world for Jesus! Let’s pray that we all desire to OWN IT!

3 John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth”.