COVID-19 Has Been a Game Changer!

Beth Falkenberg   -  

If you know me at all, you know that I am pretty transparent. Well, I am so over this COVID-19 “Stay at Home” order and about ready to lose my mind! Whew…felt good to get that off of my chest! This isolation period has honestly been one of the most challenging seasons in my life! How about you?

My prayer is that we will not only make it through COVID-19, but that we will come out stronger and more dependent on our God who loves us and is in control of every situation in our world! 

Leading our Gen Now Kids Ministry has completely turned upside down for me in the past six weeks. Everyday, I ask myself, how on earth do I lead a ministry that is totally based on relationships and being face to face with kids when I can’t be face to face with them or their parents? What does ministry need to look like for the families that I love so much?

Here is what I know for sure. God is guiding and encouraging me daily! He has been providing great resources to use, and a network of leaders to walk through this with me. I have been able to have some really sweet times with Him during this isolation, and He has called me to equip you, as parents, so that you are able to disciple your kids. 

Here is what else I know. While we can’t be together physically, we can still stay connected. While small/large group teachers can’t teach our precious children about God’s truth, we are equipping you to do this at home. While we can’t meet and laugh together, we can have some laughs on our Facebook page sharing some of the fun things we are doing during this time. While I am not able to see our kids each week face to face, I can read a story to them on Facebook Live before bedtime. We can stay connected as a church family!

COVID-19 has been a game changer in so many ways for all of us!  Even though Gen Now Kids looks different for the time being, my prayer is that we will stay connected to each other, that parents will feel encouraged and equipped, and that all of the resources made available to you through our website and Facebook page will not overwhelm you but rather serve you well as you disciple your children and lead them into God’s truth!

God has called you into something deeper with your families, so step into it with confidence and lead them into a deeper relationship with Jesus and his truth! I love you all!

We are in this together!

3 John 1:4 ESV

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.