Are We Having Fun Yet?

Beth Falkenberg   -  

I have been reading a lot of posts on Facebook and Instagram from many of you and from other parents that I know. One thing that stands out to me is that the homeschool routine has been challenging to say the least! I was a public school teacher for over thirty years , but I never wanted to homeschool my own kids…ever! It can be a very difficult thing for sure.

My guess is that there are two reactions every time you get a new email from your child’s teachers with more work or projects to complete. Either you are overjoyed because there is something to keep them busy, or you want to throw up because you know that there will be a battle to get this work done and turned in on time!!  Am I right???

Here are some things to consider as you continue this role as their teacher for the next few weeks…hope they encourage you!

  1. This too shall pass! They will catch up…really they will…eventually. Do your best and don’t beat yourself up when it doesn’t go as planned. Flexibility is the key to not losing your mind! Believe me, things don’t always go smoothly in the classroom either.
  2. Try to set a daily routine for school work. Kids thrive with routine in their lives. Get school done in the morning when you are all fresh and ready to learn, and then give them space in the afternoon.
  3. If you have trouble keeping your kids on task, set the kitchen timer for short intervals of work time. This helps them see an end in sight and usually will motivate them to get it done. Each child has their own rhythm, so if they are old enough let them help you decide what time limit is best for them. No more than 10-15 minutes at a time for the little ones. Take a break and then set the timer again. If they stay on task reward them. A sticker chart can be a wonderful incentive for little kids. Some video game time always works for older kids. Food is always a winner for everyone!
  4. Include some routine chores in their day as well. Things like feeding Rover, making their bed, loading the dishwasher, putting clean laundry away…you get the idea. If it is a regular routine, they will get used to it and in the end will learn more responsibility.
  5. Set time for them to read everyday! Sometimes read together, other times they can read it in a quiet place by themselves. Do you have older kids?  If so, let them read to  their younger siblings.  Better yet, have them Facetime Grandma and have her read to them…she will LOVE it! Just read everyday!
  6. Schedule play time outside even if you have to bundle them up in winter coats. They need lots of gross motor movement every day and the fresh air will be good for them!
  7. If you need a break…take a break!  Go for a walk at a park, play a game, have a “Dance Party”, watch a movie, take a nap, bake some cookies, etc. Remember, tomorrow’s another day!
  8. Remember to PRAY everyday for direction, patience, grace and mercy with your kids. Trust him to help you each day, and he will because he cares for you! 

You got this! My guess is that when you look back on this time, even though it was challenging, it will be filled with many memories that your kids will never forget! Always be looking for the God moments with your kids and take every opportunity to make him part of each day!  Love you all!