Mission, Purpose and Values, Part 1

Scott Brooks   -  

Hey Freshwater:

It’s been a long time since I’ve written to the church family about our Mission, Purpose, and Vision. It’s been over three years since we have moved into the building. We experienced a lot of changes and growth in these last years. Personally, it feels like we’ve been running series of Class VI water rapids and just trying to get through all the rocks and twists and falls and the speed of it all. This past year the leadership team has been seeking to assess where we are and what should be our future strategy. In the months ahead, the leadership is looking to bring the Freshwater family into the conversations we have been wrestling through and invite you pray with us about the future. Some of the more prominent pieces we’ve been praying through is the growth we’ve experienced, culture shifts in our country and church, and future strategy and opportunities.

Convinced: Through all of this there are some things that are constants that guide us. Freshwater and our denomination started with a group of people convinced that every single person in this world matters and needs to be transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus. He’s is the only one who transforms and heals the hardened or broken. His power is the only thing that removes chains and bondage to sin, guilt, and Satan’s power. Now this may go without saying but let me be clear, we are still convinced of this! It is still, and will forever be, a constant for Freshwater.

Mission: Because we are convinced our mission as a church is “To be a Spirit filled church where His presence pours out of us into this world.” In Acts 1-2, the church was born with everyone baptized into the presence of the Holy Spirit, and immediately His presence began rushing out of them into this world. His presence is power. They’re inseparable. Acts is filled with chapter after chapter of these stories. Freshwater has our own stories week in and week out of the Holy Spirit filling and pouring out of us into people. In fact, if I don’t hear stories about God’s presence pouring into people week in and week out in all our ministries, I grow concerned.

Purpose: For the individual person who calls Freshwater home and asks, “How do I fit in that? What’s my purpose in this mission?” This mission is accomplished as people see their purpose Living Up (connected to God), Living In (connected to God’s family), and Living Out (connected to this world). We are created for relationship. It’s the essence of the Genesis moment. We are relational beings so connection is critical. But relationships are not a linear thing but a dynamic reality that we are called to continually evaluate and assess with God’s leading. Only in finding out purpose in these relationships will we fulfill our mission.

Our Vision: What this looks like is found in Ezekiel 47. This passage is God’s vision of what happens when people live “On Mission” and out of their purpose to be connected To Him, His Family, and this world. It’s a vision of His presence filling up the temple and individually and corporately and then overflowing into this world that dry and dead and bring transformation. That picture in Ezekiel is worth not just 10,000 words it’s an eternity of words and a vision worth living for.

Did you know this was our mission?

Are you filled with the Spirit?

How are you doing in your UP, IN, OUT?

As you think of your life, does Ezekiel 47 describe your life?

Stay tuned…send me an email if something hits you.